About Us

A brief history

Gilbert Stephens Financial Services Limited was established in 1988, as part of Gilbert Stephens LLP Solicitors, to provide independent financial advice and complement the high quality legal advice provided to our clients. We remain a subsidiary company of the LLP.

In July 2013 we acquired the financial services business of Symes Robinson & Lee Solicitors when its legal practice merged with Gilbert Stephens LLP.

Our advisers are Marcus Quick, Wyatt Loake and Carrie Maud who all have a wealth of experience in the investment industry.  All are qualified Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s), with Carrie Maud having achieved Chartered Financial Planner status. All of our advisers are able to offer our clients impartial and independent advice on all aspects of investment and financial planning.  They are supported by a team of qualified para-planners and administration staff who have many years experience in the financial services sector.