Long Term Care Planning

There are many options for funding long-term care and they can often be complicated to understand. At Gilbert Stephens Financial Services Limited our Independent Financial Advisers have extensive experience within this sensitive but increasingly important area of financial planning.

We can help in two ways:-

    • Planning in advance for future care needs.
    • Provide financial/ investment advice, at the point in which care is required, to help meet and fund the anticipated cost.

The level of help and support required will depend on an individual’s health, mobility, level of savings, assets and income.  One may qualify for free NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) which is a package of healthcare that is arranged and funded by the NHS.  Local authorities may be able to help with the costs of residential care.  However, how much funding is received will depend on:-

  • Individual needs (based on a care needs assessment)
  • Level of income and savings of an individual which can be used to pay towards the cost of care (based on a financial assessment)

Depending on circumstances an individual may not qualify for funding from the NHS or local authority or qualify for partial assistance which means that the amount you receive may not be sufficient in completely covering the care costs.

Our qualified and experienced team of Financial Advisers will guide you through the options, designing and tailoring a strategy based on individual needs and requirements.  Some of the options considered to fund for long term care are detailed below:-

  • Immediate need care fee payment plan – Designed to help if you need care straightaway. In return for investing a lump sum you get a guaranteed income for life.
  • Equity release -This gives you a lump sum or steady income to pay for your care using some of the money that’s tied up in your house, while you carry on living there.  The money must be repaid at a later stage when the house is sold.
  • Investments – You can use certain investment vehicles to help pay for your care. However, there’s no guarantee that the returns will cover the cost of your care, and your money is tied up for a long time.

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As we are a subsidiary company to Gilbert Stephens LLP, unlike most other IFA firms, we have the advantage of being able to work alongside and can offer all clients access to our in-house Legal Advisers.

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